Everything Looks Alive

by Elvis Einstein

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This track is my 55th release in three years.... and is only the second of my tracks that will not be a free download. I have shared every song I have ever released, and intend to continue this practice, but due to circumstances in my life recently, I am calling upon music lovers to aid me.

I have recently lost my day job, and have been living in uncertainty for some time. I have a family, a large one, a wife and four children, and though I do intend on finding another job to support my family, In the mean time I have decided to flex my musical muscle and see what underground music can do for me. I have always wanted to make a living of music, but it is a terribly hard business to break into....

My Goal is to sell 5000 copies of this track... It sounds insane to me when i think about it, but it just might be possible... So if you have ever enjoyed any of the free music i have ever put out, then feel free to help an artist grow... and for that alone I am thankful ... $1.00 for 1 Track, 5000 times.... we can do this..... Help save Elvis Einstein (lol)

Also this track will be available on my soundcloud page for free unlimited listening here -> soundcloud.com/elvis_einstein/elvis-einstein-everything-looks-alive



Strip me down until there's nothing left but bones.
You're just a fool who doesn't know what I'm made of.
Is your Ambition really worth so much more than mine?
You play the master but you're really forsaken.
Throw me in the pit, and call it punishment,
but you don't know exactly where I've been.
In the absence of hope, is the world that I thrive.
In the darkest hole, everything is alive.

Everything looks alive in the dark
Everything looks alive

A suit of misery is my uniform.
All you are is just another stitch.
You think your brave you've crossed the river.
But you can't go back when you burn the bridge.
You couldn't stomach a spoon full of my world.
are you so sure that you want to break bread with me.
Without your title, I know that you're fragile.
Your darkest Nightmares are my sweetest dreams.

Everything looks alive in the dark.
Everything looks alive.

You'll Pay for underestimating....
For all of your day's are forsaken....

Everything looks alive in the dark.
Everything looks alive.


released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Elvis Einstein Nova Scotia

He walks the 75th layer of the Abyss, and watches your world from the shadows, he wants only that you take his hand and traverse his world...
Elvis Einstein makes music simply for the sake of making music, nothing more, nothing less...

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